How to deal with Narcotic addicts & Drug Abuse?!

جريــــدة أحداث الساعة الشرق أوسطية ..جريدة ورقية الكترونية -ترتبط بالشبكة القومية للمعلومات من الشعب والى الشعب



By :

Dr. May Khafaga

د. مي خفاجة

 Assistant Professor,

Department of Psychology,
Faculty of Education, Tanta

ناركوتيك للبنات ادمان Addiction problem in adolescents, we will address the definition of addiction, the causes or factors contributing to addiction, the harm caused by addiction, the problem caused by addiction, the types of narcotic substances that cause addiction, the treatment methods used to reduce the addiction rate.

Definition of addiction: is the repeated abuse of certain medications due to certain psychiatric illnesses or the taking of harmful drugs without a good consultation, starting to get used to them and then turn to their use at large doses that reach the limit of abuse and cannot be dispensed with.


The causes and factors influencing addiction are: biological agents (the patient history of a family, twins or similar situations: because addiction is transmitted through genetic genes from parents to children.

The psychological factors are positive or negative for…

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